The NHS Transformation Unit is experienced in delivering services throughout the transformational change process. The Organisational Development & Workforce team develop, design, and implement organisational transformation and can support you to deliver more joined-up and coordinated care across your healthcare system.

We have a dedicated team of organisational development, improvement, workforce, communication and engagement experts who can support you to develop, design and implement organisational transformation. As an NHS and not for profit organisation we share our expertise to support you to build capability and capacity within your organisation to enable sustainability after we leave.

We will work in partnership with you and your stakeholders to create safe spaces where collaboration and innovation can thrive, providing effective mechanisms to make sure there is broad participation in design, decision-making and implementation. Our approach enables diverse groups of people to successfully work together to design and implement the changes identified.

We offer leadership and support with the following services.

  • Organisational Design and Strategy

    Our experienced team can support you to review what your organisation wants and needs and turn this into an effective strategy, reviewing your organisation and its context to decide what will work best for your unique situation. Our approach is holistic and would include a review of systems, structures, people practices, rewards, performance measures, policies, processes, culture and the wider environment. The next stage would be to design a robust new structure with effective organisational practices to make sure your strategy delivers what you need.  Finance and data analytics will form a big part in developing solutions and our colleagues in the Finance and Analytics team have extensive experience in large-scale analytical and financial modelling.

  • Organisational Development (OD) Delivery

    We understand what it takes for transformation to be successful and have extensive experience in all areas of organisational development. We can support you to:

    • Diagnose what the issues are and recommend solutions
    • Identify interventions and develop a bespoke programme of activities for you
    • Deliver and implement your new OD programme using skilled, experienced and qualified OD practitioners
    • Evaluate, so achievements are celebrated, lessons are learned and development continues.
  • Improvement Strategy and Capability Building

    We can provide a range of services across the improvement spectrum to suit your needs.  Combing evidence-based, industry-tested, improvement methodologies with our experience of transforming health and social care, we offer:

    • Improvement strategy design and deployment
    • Leadership development
    • Alignment of improvement activity
    • Staff capability building
    • Front-line improvement approaches


    We are delighted to be working in partnership with HSJ award-winning Anil Mathew to deliver board-to-ward improvements, creating sustainable health and care systems.

  • Community & Stakeholder Engagement and Public Consultations

    Community & stakeholder engagement is an important part of any transformation and we tailor our approach to each project. Working with you, our team would develop strategies to ensure the voices of local people and partners are heard and make sure that plans are shared at the earliest possible stages so all parties have a shared ownership.

    Public consultation.  Many of the programmes we’ve delivered have attracted significant political and public interest and have required a formal public consultation. This is a statutory requirement imposed on public bodies to consult and involve patients, the public and stakeholders when considering implementing a substantial change to the way services are provided or delivered. If you need a formal public consultation, we would work with you to develop a robust engagement strategy for pre-consultation and consultation.

    Our team offer the full range of services including:

    • Consultation design & management
    • Insight & research
    • Media management
    • Digital engagement
    • Behaviour change strategies
    • Marketing & communications strategy development
  • Equality Impact Assessment

    Our team have experience in completing Equality Impact Assessments (EIA). These are undertaken to assess potential positive and negative impacts on health outcomes, accessibility and equality groups. We would work with you to:

    • Identify the positive and any negative impacts for your population that may occur as a result of the proposed transformation;
    • Identify which (if any) of the protected characteristics groups are more likely to be affected by the proposals and what these impacts will be;
    • Develop an overall set of integrated conclusions on the comparative advantages and disadvantages of the different options; and
    • Provide recommendations on ways in which positive impacts can be maximised for your population and for those with protected characteristics and ways in which to mitigate, or minimise, any adverse effects.


    The process is undertaken across three stages. Firstly the pre-consultation scoping assessment, followed by a mid-consultation impact assessment and finally the post consultation impact assessment.

  • Inclusive Leadership Development

    We believe that everyone is a leader in their own space and everyone can make an impact. This supports the OD mindset of ‘using Self as a tool’ and ‘Change starts with Me’. We work inclusively with leaders at all stages in their career to develop their capacity to influence change within their organisation, increase their confidence and resilience as leaders and to balance the complex range of responsibilities demanded of them. We can also offer support to embed effective talent management practices within organisations. Some of the tools and approaches we use include:

    • Individual/Team diagnostic and developing plans to meet needs
    • Developing leadership skills – bespoke modules
    • Supporting access to leadership programmes
    • Developing bespoke leadership programmes and models to suit organisation values and priorities
    • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Workforce

    Our in-house finance, HR and analytical experts have substantial experience providing workforce planning, modelling and design to help organisations current pressures and future demand.  As organisations transform into these new workforce models we can provide:

    • HR advice and support
    • Role re-design
    • Change Management approach to Workforce