Transformation Unit

Salford Vanguard

Salford Vanguard Strategic Transformation and Planning

The Client(s)

Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust (SRFT).

Our Challenge

We were commissioned to support the Strategy Director to work across SRFT and Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust to scope and optimise Vanguard funding for their Acute Collaboration.

The scope of the transformational programme included:

  • Clinical, mid-office (e.g. radiology, pathology) and back-office collaboration and joint purchasing (including Carter implementation).
  • Clinical decision support systems (pathway redesign across both trusts with technological solutions to present clinicians with best practice and “track and trigger” behaviour).
  • An innovative demand management system called a “Control Centre”, where predictive modelling is used to manage planned demand and resources and optimise capacity.
  • Cross-trust collaborative “Group” governance, supporting decision architecture and Outcome Based Organisation.
  • Change management and programme management.

Our Approach

Our approach was collaborative in an attempt to achieve a solution that the Transformation Boards at both organisations would be willing to accept as a priority.

Working closely with Directors from each trust, we negotiated the scope of the collaboration and jointly drafted a substantial programme summary. This programme summary document was used to socialise the Collaboration internally in order to secure Vanguard funding and formed the spring board for the programme’s initiation.

Through working closely with clinicians we also evidenced the clinical and financial case for change across a variety of work streams and set metrics to measure success.

Estimating the benefits of such a complex programme was a challenge; however we were able to work closely with an expert modeller to describe the benefits drivers (e.g. reduced length of stay) and likely range in the impact across the trusts.


The Collaboration secured the highest Acute Care Collaboration funding allocation in England in 2015/16. The client team received feedback from NHS England that the evidence and metrics submitted were one of the best generated nationally.

Our team was able to play a part in building relationships with members of staff across both trusts, which underpinned the success of the initial phase of the Collaboration.

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