Transformation Unit

New Health Deal for Trafford

Redesign of Trafford Hospital Services

The Client(s)

The New Health Deal for Trafford was commissioned by the Trafford Healthcare Trust (THT) Acquisition Programme Board in partnership with Trafford Council.

The Challenge

The introduction of Payment by Results meant that given the size of the Trafford Hospital Trust and the levels of activity undertaken, the Trust was unable to deliver services at the national tariff and quickly began to incur financial losses.  The losses grew to a scale which began to compromise the quality of the service provided along with worsening the financial position of NHS Trafford.

Trafford General Hospital had a small volume of patients who accessed A&E, emergency surgery and intensive care services making it difficult to maintain the skills and experience of its clinical staff, impacting on the ability of staff to provide high quality clinical services and also affecting the ability of the hospital to retain and recruit staff.

The New health Deal for Trafford aimed to:

  • Identify the optimal configuration of secondary care hospital services to ensure their long term safety and sustainability;
  • Tackle the financial pressures and improve the underlying efficiency of service provision;
  • Support and supplement the work of the integrated care system;
  • Ensure all stakeholders were fully involved in the clinical redesign process; and
  • Continue the work with local residents and patients to ensure that they are able to influence decisions about local healthcare.

Our Approach

We were commissioned to:

  • Develop a business case and an evaluation of current service provision
  • Develop a case for change and an equality impact analysis
  • Design four clinical models and options appraisal including activity, financial, workforce, estates and transport implications
  • Design a process of pre-consultation engagement, a comprehensive public consultation and evaluation
  • Develop a robust approval process
  • Implement the proposal

The Outcome

Trafford Healthcare NHS Trust was dissolved and became part of Central Manchester Foundation Trust.  We developed and implemented a model of care that complied with local clinical recommendations. This included the following:

  • Critical care (level 3) and acute surgical services being moved out of Trafford General Hospital
  • The downgrading of the A&E department to an Urgent Care Centre and A&E provision transferred to other local hospitals, ensuring a high quality urgent care system on the Trafford General Hospital site that is safe, sustainable and financially viable
  • A redesign of day-case services to meet the best clinical outcomes
  • Patients with complex needs are treated where there is the level of expertise they require
  • Integrated working between primary, secondary, community and social care provides, leading to better care and reduced reliance on hospital services        


New Health Deal for Trafford - NHS-TU
New Health Deal for Trafford - NHS-TU