Transformation Unit

Making it Better

Reconfiguration of women, babies, children and young people's services

The Client

The Making It Better Programme focussed on the reconfiguration of services for women, babies, children and young people in Greater Manchester. Our client was the Association of Greater Manchester Primary care Trusts (now the 12 Greater Manchester CCGS)

The Challenge

There was a need to review maternity, neonatal and paediatric services in order to provide safe, sustainable and accessible clinical services alongside changes to workforce regulations.

The objectives of the Making it Better programme were:

  • To provider improved in-patient care delivered through larger, more specialised units in hospitals (migrating from 2 to 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Units and reducing overnight sites from 12 to 8);
  • To maintain the skills of doctors and nurses by exposing them to enough patients with certain conditions and illnesses;
  • To have sufficient staff to maintain services at all specialised locations; and
  • To develop community services.

Our Approach

Working collaboratively with clinicians and key stakeholders we:

  • Developed a case for change, vision and future model of care – ensuring Greater Manchester wide standards;
  • Identified the options for change and engage stakeholders including a managed clinical network;
  • Conducted a 12 week public consultation, to explain the options and to listen to the views and opinions of the public;
  • We facilitated the decision making process – Decisions were made based on where centres of excellence could be best developed and the accessibility of the future sites for patients
  • Implemented the change

The Outcome

  • Health care services for women, babies, children and young people in Greater Manchester are delivered locally, where it is clinically appropriate
  • Maternity, neonatal and paediatric services meet national and local quality standards
  • Services are organised to meet the guidelines, where they exist, on “volume” or “critical mass”
  • Medical staff are now part of larger teams allowing them to sub-specialise in their chosen area of interest and work on more than one site
  • There is co-location of neonatal, paediatric and obstetric services across Greater Manchester
  • There is close collaboration between tertiary services, secondary services, and locality services to ensure close working relationships, working across organisational boundaries and developing the best standards of practice together
  • All staff concerned with the assessment stabilisation and transfer of children have the required training and skills
  • There is a duty of care on all staff, even those without recent paediatric experience, to provide immediate assistance in a life-threatening situation
  • The lives of 20 additional babies are saved each year
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