Matthew Wright, Managing Consultant at the Transformation Unit (TU), introduces the ‘Transformation Training Academy’, a clear, structured approach to building capability, skills and knowledge within organisations.

In the ever-changing health and social care landscape, the need to transform services or systems is becoming commonplace. However, developing, leading and implementing these programmes requires time, but more importantly, specific skills and knowledge.

Experienced individuals, who are highly competent in their chosen field, are often asked to lead transformation projects without possessing the required skillset and support. So can we really be surprised that so many transformation projects do not deliver expected results, when we haven’t equipped our leaders with the required skills and knowledge?

This situation is something I come across in my work here at the TU on a regular basis. I have found myself questioning how we, as an NHS organisation, can help build capability across organisations, leaders and systems by sharing our learning and experience from implementing large-scale transformation programmes.

This thinking has led to the development of the “Transformation Training Academy”; a clear, structured approach to building capability, skills and knowledge within organisations as illustrated below:

The approach outlines the importance of undertaking a readiness assessment to ensure we have a detailed understanding of current levels of knowledge and capability before committing to delivering any sort of training. The right approach can then be built and tailored to organisational needs with sessions framed around our learning and evidence while using best practice and thinking. The approach covers all levels within an organisation and there may also be opportunities to deliver sessions across multiple organisations going through similar challenges, providing invaluable networking opportunities.

If you are passionate about improving health and care for your patients and feel you would benefit from learning more about specific transformational approaches to help you deliver better outcomes, please contact me at the TU to find out more about how we can help: