We have recently entered the next phase of development with the Board recently agreeing a new 2025 Strategy. In December 2017, the Chair and Board agreed a managed period of transition whereby the senior leadership would change to support this next phase.

In April 2018, Alex Heritage became the Chief Executive Officer and Leila Williams moved from the CEO role to a new, part-time role of Chief Transformation Officer. After 18 months and the successful recruitment of Dr Julia Simon as the Chief Strategy Officer and Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Leila has decided to step away from her executive role from October 2019.

Leila Williams commented:
“After over 33 years in substantive NHS roles it’s time for me to live a different professional life and take on new challenges, so from October I will be moving on to establish a new portfolio of independent work as well as working on my own ‘Grand Designs’ project! I will continue to advise and support the TU as it continues to diversify and grow.”

In recognition of Leila as a co-founder and her extensive experience, it has been agreed by the Board that she will join the Business & Strategic Advisory Group alongside Lord Andrew Mawson and Sir David Dalton.

A core component of the new 2025 Strategy is to establish the NHS Transformation Unit as a national provider of transformation support for the NHS, by the NHS. This includes a greater geographical spread of work and the opening of a new office in London.